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Broadband in Rural Georgia

The Broadband data presented in this site represents information gathered from Broadband providers through the federal NTIA or FCC programs. As such, the data is provided as is and no representation for specific use case is made.

With huge swaths of our state underserved (or not served at all) by broadband, the problem of reliable, affordable, and even just access, to hardwired high speed internet connections continues to be a problem.

Where has our Public Service Commission been on this issue for two decades while rural Georgia suffers?

Their inaction being an advocate for expansion of telecom assets has helped condemn rural Georgia to poor economic growth and rising inequality in rural parts of our state.

The solution is complex. It will involve a hybrid solution of fixed main line (main roads) fiber with nearby houses spoking off of that and a further reach of wireless pole based nodes that can “beam” the high speed wireless of the fiber into farther to reach homes. There are also emerging technologies, as yet unproven or cost effective, such as internet over power lines, that may be a silver bullet. The PSC should be engaged.

Grouping multiple counties and cities together in a cooperative way to drive down pricing and attract more bidders will be a key to success. The PSC, with their large reach of landline regulatory power can be this facilitator.

Ultimately we need an advocate at the PSC instead or someone sitting and warming a chair. What have they been doing for years?