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The Issues


The Public Service Commission serves Georgia citizens by assuring they have access to safe, reliable and reasonably-priced power, natural gas and telecom services. We need to guarantee thoughtful, citizen-minded leadership to protect these vital services at affordable rates while ensuring the promotion of safe, sustainable technology.

Accountability & Transparency

What are we paying for and Why?

Georgia ratepayers are getting taken. Whether it’s the calendar & cost overruns of the Plant Vogtle boondoggle or the gimmicks of Georgia Power to keep rate increases under wraps, the PSC is our commission, designed to regulate a statutory monopoly. WE should be calling the shots – not the utility company.

Clean Green Energy

How can we promote the environment
and the economy?

Georgia Power has lagged behind the rest of the country in adoption of clean, green solutions to power generation. Unsurprisingly, they are one of the largest CO2 emitters in the U.S. Georgians are creative and smart enough to know that clean and green energy solutions will benefit our environment and our economy.

Energy Equity

Which Georgians bear the biggest burden?

Utility rates are simply too high for too many. Environmental and pricing discrimination impacts too many Georgians, from Rome to Savannah and communities in between. We need an advocate who can ensure the voices of ALL are included in the conversation.


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