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Georgia Power Bill

The only usage information you get from a Georgia Power bill is a monthly comparison (See Circle 17). But what if you want to get information to program your nest or see daily usage to plan consumption? Ratepayers have been complaining for years about how difficult it is to get that information.

Have you ever wanted to look at the details on your electricity usage? When does your family use the most electricity? What time of year? Why was there a spike of usage during a certain time? Well as ratepayers you are supposed to be able to get this data easily and yet for those who want to know, there is an endless amount of road blocks when you contact Georgia’s largest utility and according to direction from the PSC you are supposed to be able to get this information readily. After all, a majority of Georgia Power customers have smart meters and one of the stated reasons to have smart meters is so Georgians could have all kinds of information provided by the meters.

If you haven’t asked for this information, then you won’t know the frustration. Ratepayers report being transferred multiple times, receiving reposts that have redlined information stating proprietary business data, and then a lot of waiting. If you want to do it next month then you start over again. Why is this? In the age of smart meters and the internet shouldn’t this data just be available to customers online? Ratepayers should be able to login into their account online and just pull the information up, but Georgia Power doesn’t want transparency.

What’s even more amazing is the do nothing Public Service Commission was asked by ratepayers to compel Georgia Power to do this and Georgia Power suggested the current system which I have heard from multiple sources is inadequate. Georgians deserve electric usage transparency from Georgia Power.

I have to ask, what is Georgia Power trying to hide?  I want to make a difference. I want to serve ratepayers. Join me as I return the Public Service Commission back to the ratepayers.