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Happenings on the PSC

Donuts with Democrats: PSC candidate John Noel visits Cobb neighbors

By Jonathan Grant (reprinted with permission) Georgia Public Service Commission Post 3 Candidate John Noel was the featured speaker at the Cobb County Democrats meeting Saturday in Smyrna. Due to a scheduling snafu, the meeting space was unavailable, but John...

Georgia Power is playing Hide and Seek with your electricity usage

Have you ever wanted to look at the details on your electricity usage? When does your family use the most electricity? What time of year? Why was there a spike of usage during a certain time? Well as ratepayers you are supposed to be able to get this data easily and...

John Noel Qualifies for Public Service Commission!

Surrounded by friends and family, today at 10 a.m., John Noel officially qualified as a 2018 candidate for the Georgia Public Service Commission. "It's fitting on a sunny day to file my candidacy, bringing sunshine to the backwater of the Public Service Commission...

John Noel Is Running with the Sun

By Jonathan Grant (reprinted with permission) Republican victories in Georgia Public Service Commission races have been so predictable in recent years that Democrats haven’t bothered to field a candidate in three of the past five elections. Next year is shaping up to...

Rural Broadband in Georgia

With huge swaths of our state underserved (or not served at all) by broadband, the problem of reliable, affordable, and even just access, to hardwired high speed internet connections continues to be a problem. Where has our Public Service Commission been on this issue...

Georgia Power Just Got A Multi-Million Dollar Tax Cut

But are they going to pass the savings on to consumers? Six weeks ago Washington passed a massive tax bill giving billions of dollars to multi-million dollar corporations across the country. Over the last week almost half a dozen utility companies have announced plans...

Energy Equity

I want to explain why energy equity is so important to me personally and a pillar of this campaign. Let’s define it. In a recent report, energy equity is defined as the fair distribution of the benefits and burdens of the ways we produce and consume energy. In...

Speaking Truth to Power

I was recently banned from making public comment on the recent Vogtle docket. So I decided to go back down to the Public Service Commission and give the testimony that I was denied. Follow this link to watch on Facebook. You don't have to be a member to watch the...

John Noel, Energy Efficiency Expert – The Green Guy

John Noel is a energy efficiency expert and he’s running for a seat on Georgia Public Commission to help Georgians maintain affordable rates on water, telecom and energy. Hear his policies and plans to bring more renewable energy to Georgia.


Campaign Office
2121B Hollywood Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 520 5205

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