John is a New Energy for Georgia


The Issues

The Georgia Public Service Commission serves all the citizens of Georgia by assuring they have access to safe, reliable and reasonably priced services by providers of power, natural gas and telecom. This is a role that is critically important to our state. We need to guarantee these vital services at great rates for our citizens while making industry accountable for safe, sustainable technology.


Energy sources and services are critical for our continued growth. Some schemes have diverted funds and time to unstable methods and expensive overruns. We need a diverse, sustainable framework and accountable providers.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a key energy source for Georgia. Maintaining and growing a reliable infrastructure with consistent access to service is vital.


This area covers phone, internet access across the state, something that will help communities all across Georgia grow and thrive.

About John Noel

John NoelJohn was raised on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee where hard work mattered and connection to the land was more than a slogan. He went on to university at Lake Forest College, just north of Chicago, where he graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in History. In 1992 he took a semester off to work as a campaign aide to Tipper Gore at the Little Rock Headquarters for Clinton-Gore campaign, then after graduation he returned to work for, then, Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen’s campaign for Governor.

In 1996, drawn by the Olympics, John moved to Atlanta, where he began his career in the field of energy. In 1999 he struck out on his own founding Energy + Environment LLC, an energy efficiency contracting company. E+E specializes in making businesses and large facilities “leaner and greener” by providing a full menu of energy efficiency options. They are pioneers in the LED lighting space, implementing cost saving lighting retrofits years before the technology became the norm. John is well versed in building envelope (insulation) analysis and whole building energy assessments but his core business is still lighting retrofits of commercial, industrial, and military facilities across the country, which has saved businesses and governments tens of millions of dollars in energy costs over the past 18 years.

But savings others money is not his only motivation.

He installed a 10kW solar array on his home along with a battery backup and was one of the first electric car drivers in GA. John transitioned from a Nissan Leaf to a Tesla to give him more driving range. Now he routinely visits different corners of the state powering his trip on Georgia produced energy in an American made car, from one of the world’s most innovative companies. Charging his car at home on solar or grid power is one of many transformative experiences that John wants to bring to business and government life.

John has always been drawn to civil service. He purchased and renovated a historic home in the northwest Atlanta neighborhood of Riverside, and soon became president of the neighborhood association. In 2002, John successfully ran for the Georgia Legislature, unseating a 30-year incumbent. After over a decade hiatus from serving as an elected official, John feels compelled to bring his energy knowledge and business acumen to the Public Service Commission. His background in the energy sector, and passion to help people, makes him a perfect candidate to represent District 3, and all of Georgia, on the Georgia Public Service Commission.

John is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. A 21-year resident of west Atlanta, he still lives in the Riverside neighborhood with his partner Wendy, and their dog, Sydney.

“I’ve always been impressed by his deep knowledge of energy issues and passion to serve. He's a perfect candidate for the PSC, because he'll make good business decisions and look out for ratepayers.“

Rep Scott Holcomb
State Rep. Scott Holcomb Georgia State Representative, District 81

“I first met John through volunteer work at our church. He was one of the first people to encourage me to run for office. As a former member of the legislature himself, he always provided great insight and demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues.“

Elly Dobbs
Elly Dobbs Former member of Georgia House of Representatives, HD 53

“I’ve known John for many years as a tireless advocate for doing what’s right for our state and the environment. Georgia’s utilities are a major contributor to climate change and are also very large consumers of water. We need John Noel’s voice on the Public Service Commission because these facts are not recognized by the current members of that body.”

Sally Bethea
Sally Bethea Founding Director, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

“John’s business ethic is above reproach. He was one of my first energy efficiency subcontractors. In fact I think I gave him his first lighting project. In all the years of doing contracts we did most on a handshake. I just trusted him. And he never let me down.”

Darron Miles
Darron Miles Owner, S&M and Associates, Inc., General Construction firm