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Business Owner
Energy Expert
Consumer Advocate
Environmental Guardian

Meet John

John Noel has always been drawn to public service and has long held a deep connection to the land and to Georgia. In his 20+ years of experience in the energy efficiency field, John has most enjoyed his time working on behalf of others.


Currently a resident of historic downtown Augusta, John was raised on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee. After graduating with a BA in History from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, he moved to Georgia in 1996. Drawn to Atlanta by the Olympics, John soon found real interest in saving people money in the energy field.


In 1999 he founded Energy + Environment LLC, an energy efficiency contracting company that specializes in making commercial, industrial, and government facilities “leaner and greener” by providing energy efficiency solutions. Over the years John has saved his customers tens of millions of dollars in energy costs and saved the planet millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

Public Service

John served in the Georgia House of Representatives in the early 2000s, where he introduced the first LEED construction bill in the General Assembly and played an important role in lobbying for the 2008 Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit. He remains active in the environmental advocacy arena and is a frequent speaker at events in Georgia highlighting the green economy.

Green Energy Guy

An early adopter of green technology and energy-efficient practices, John lives what he preaches. He drives an electric car, installed the first Tesla Powerwalls in Georgia and outfitted his company’s office with solar. Check out this YouTube video on John that has over 75,000 views.