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The Advocate for lower Power bills for Georgians


The Champion for the People and against the Establishment


The Democratic Candidate who Can Win Statewide


The Issues

Accountability & Transparency

What are we paying for and Why?

Clean Green Energy

How can we promote the environment
and the economy?

Energy Equity

Which Georgians bear the biggest burden?


John is here for you

John has always been drawn to public service. He purchased and renovated a historic home 21 years ago in the northwest Atlanta neighborhood of Riverside and soon became President of the neighborhood association. In 2002, John successfully ran for the Georgia Legislature, unseating a 30-year incumbent. After over a decade hiatus from serving as an elected official, John feels compelled to bring his energy knowledge and business acumen to the Public Service Commission.

“I’ve always been impressed by his deep knowledge of energy issues and passion to serve. He’s a perfect candidate for the PSC, because he’ll make good business decisions and look out for ratepayers."

State Rep. Scott Holcomb
Georgia State Representative, District 81

"I first met John through volunteer work at our church. He was one of the first people to encourage me to run for office. As a former member of the legislature himself, he always provided great insight and demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues. I'm excited to see him return to the campaign trail, and hope to see him win a seat on the Public Service Commission."

Elly Dobbs
Former member of Georgia House of Representatives, HD 53

“I’ve known John for many years as a tireless advocate for doing what’s right for our state and the environment. Georgia’s utilities are a major contributor to climate change and are also very large consumers of water. We need John Noel’s voice on the Public Service Commission because these facts are not recognized by the current members of that body.”

Sally Bethea
Founding Director, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (retired)

“John’s business ethic is above reproach. He was one of my first energy efficiency subcontractors. In fact I think I gave him his first lighting project. In all the years of doing contracts we did most on a handshake. I just trusted him. And he never let me down.”

Darron Miles
Owner, S&M and Associates, Inc.

Your Bills Matter. Your Voice Matters.
Let John Noel Advocate for YOU.

A New Energy for Georgia

John Noel is a small business owner in the energy and environment field. He knows what’s needed to protect the environment and Georgia ratepayers.


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